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  • Summary: ***************************************** RECOMMENDATIONS / REVIEWS ***************************************** **RECOMMENDED BUY** from http://iphoneapplicationlist.com/ as one of the most interesting apps available in the app store!! Michelle I. - "i downloaded to my iphone and my kids LOVE IT!!! ok, ok....i LOVE IT TOO!! i have been bouncing around the house like a freak since my husband got home from work and he couldn't figure out what was making that boinging sound...much less why i was bouncing around the house like a freak!!!! haha!"

    Amanda M. -
    "As soon as i got it i put it n my back pocket jumpd up n down an nearly peed my pants cause it workd an it was sooo funny. My girls will love it awesome job."


    Let's face it... life is more interesting with sound effects! iJumpFunny adds hilarious audio to an everyday action... jumping! Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, iJumpFunny uses motion detection to detect when the player springs into the air and adds player-selectable sounds to compliment the visuals! Simply turn up the volume, choose a sound, place the iPhone/iPod in your pocket and then JUMP!!!!!!

    Sounds categories include:

    Cartoon effects like "boings" and "springs"
    Male grunts
    Female grunts
    Monster roars

    Endless fun for under a buck! Select a cartoon sound and show your niece you're the only uncle in the world that sounds like a cartoon when he jumps! Kids LOVE this...if you've got young ones around, you're in for good times with iJumpFunny. Or, choose a male grunt and show your appreciation around the office for having to work late on a Friday!

    New sounds and categories are being added every week. In fact, if you have an idea for a sound you'd like in the app, just shoot us an email and we'll add it!!
    We'd love to hear ideas you have for the app. Please let us know via email!!
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