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  • Summary: iLightsOff is new, fast and easy to learn puzzle game. Play it wherever you want and try to solve it faster than ever.

    The goal of this puzzle is to deactivate all LEDs as fast as can. Sounds easier than it really is. Because everytime you turn off a LED, all direct members will also be
    affected. This means,all direct neighbours will be turned off if they are lightening and turned on if they are not lightening. So, think about every step you make!

    With the accurate time logging and the locally saved highscore, you can compete with your friends, family and colleagues and also try to beat yourself.

    Some of Features:
    o New and innovative puzzle game
    o Locally saved highscore
    o Futuristic design and animated background
    o Random rounds
    o Accurate time logging
    o Multilanguage support
    o Sound
    o And a lots of fun!

    Some comments from our users:

    "A must have app for every iPhone"

    "A very easy to learn but still a tough puzzle. A great game for short breaks!"

    "iLightsOff is great! Me and my colleagues are competing all the work time."

    And many many more ...

    So purchase iLightsOff now and try to solve this new, astonishing and addicting puzzle!
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