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  • Summary: Intuitively use the iPhone or iPod's accelerometer controls to start, rev up, and idle your own imaginary truck. It's so easy to use, even adults can be in on the fun of driving your own truck around.

    Give your device a key twist to start up your imaginary truck when you first open
    the app, then rev it by holding the device just like a real handle and twisting it towards the floor.

    While holding your device horizontally like a truck handle, twist from the direction of less engine sounds to more throttle by twisting the iPhone slowly rather than quickly as done above for a rev sound. When you rev your imaginary truck, you'll smile for joy as you feel the vibrations from your iPhone truck shaking in your hand. With a bit more imagination, you'll feel the sun on your back and the endless road passing by. Show off to other's the special talents of your iPhone or iPod Touch's accelerometers!

    First, make sure if using your iPhone that the ringer is not set to vibrate only, otherwise the sounds will not be heard. iPod Touch users don't have to worry about this.

    1. Rest the iPhone or iPod Touch sideways in your palm with the screen side up. You also can hold it between your fingers, as if holding the handle bar of a real truck. The direction is important, if the device feels awkwardly large to wrap your hand around, then it's not the right direction.

    2. Shake the device and you'll hear the ignition start.

    3. Then, if you're holding it flat in your palm, you'll hear the truck idle, turn it SLOWLY towards you, as if beckoning someone to come to you with your hand and you'll hear the truck's 3 different speeds. Turning it faster will just switch the speeds quickly and it'll sound all weird.

    4. To rev the truck, hold it flat and relaxed again, then rotate your hand towards the ground and back quickly (opposite direction as above), if you do it right, you'll hear the truck rev. You also can get continuous revving by holding it leaning towards the ground.
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