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  • Summary: The all new cool retro platformer ! From the bottom of the earth to the high skies, dodge traps, avoid pixel monsters and go save the world ! IMPOSSIBLE PIXEL AND THE FATE OF DESTINY **** The Pixel world is attacked by aliens ! Pixel Man looks up in the sky. Giant spaceships descend upon his earth and beam away all the pixel people. Forced into chaos he runs away, trying to save his world. His story will decide… The Fate of Destiny !

    In Impossible Pixel, you guide Pixel Man on a thrilling adventure through pixel cities, dark undergrounds, hostile jungles and destroyed spaceships, going fast, as fast as you can, avoiding scary enemies and dodging deadly obstacles !

    ★ 93 levels
    ★ 5 unique worlds
    ★ 4 awesome boss fights
    ★ 89 secret coins to find
    ★ 93 star grades to get
    ★ Run, jump and avoid obstacles as fast as you can !
    ★ A SICK RETRO CHIPTUNES soundtrack !
    ★ 28 Game Center ACHIEVEMENTS !
    ★ Global chapters HIGHSCORE leaderboards !
    ★ Hours and Hours of fun gameplay !

    A free update to make the game fully compatible with the iPad !

    How to play:
    Run and jump towards the exit.

    Activate the Training Mode if you find some levels too hard to finish.

    !!!!! UPDATE !!!!!
    An update is coming in a few days ! We've read all your comments and we've replaced the joystick with a more efficient d-pad, improved the controls overall, corrected a few bugs throughout the game and hopefully fixed the crash issue on iPod among other things ! Thank you so much for sticking with us ! We'll work our a** off to make the game as good as possible !
    !!!!! UPDATE !!!!!
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  1. Mar 1, 2013
    Impossible platforming, full of nostalgia wrapped up by a great design. It's a simple offer, but its difficulty will keep us playing for way too long.
  2. Nov 26, 2012
    This could have been a lot of fun, but the frustrations with the game kept me from getting engrossed like I should have in this stylish pixel art trial platformer.
  3. Dec 11, 2012
    Impossible Pixel is a tedious and difficult platformer that simply doesn't work as well as it should.