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  1. May 6, 2014
    If you're looking for narrative, go read the Infinity blade novels. It combines touch-and-tap swordsmanship with interesting mechanics. Finding items is like playing a game of I spy which is actually quite enjoyable. It shoehorns you with great graphics with equally great bugs.
  2. Apr 3, 2014
    great game nice graphic, sound effect and story but it would be better if there is some improvements in moving character; it is a good game to spend time on though
  3. Nov 30, 2013
    Infinity Blade II is a perfect sequel, correcting all of the mistakes of its predecessor to make a truly memorable gaming experience. The graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay all hit bullseyes, and each battle feels more intense than the last. On top of that, that number of different pathways your character can take has been doubled, forcing you to try and find all the different bosses in order to reach the final fight. Even the story, which was practically nonexistent in the first game, is decently executed, as you play a hero trying to save a fallen warrior from his confinement. Despite the inevitable repetitiveness of fights after beating the game, as well as the same lack of incentive to keep playing once the final boss has been vanquished (except for overpriced weapons and armor), Infinity Blade II is an addicting adventure game from start to finish, correcting the flaws of the original in order to make a lasting impression.


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  4. Sep 21, 2013
    This takes the same concepts from the first game and makes them even better. A truly AMAZING game with gorgeous detail and loads of replay value. The first weekend of owning the game I beat it five times! And I still wanted to play it again. Not to mention all of the things that were added to the game to add even more replay value. Amazing, a huge improvement of the first game, and a must have for iOS. 10/10 Expand
  5. Sep 6, 2013
    When Infinity Blade II first came out, it was a lot like Modern Warfare 3, without much innovation or anything, but after a few updates, this game is as great as the first one, with a much longer plot, maps, gems, prize wheels, and epic boss fights, this game is a must for Infinity Blade fans.
  6. Aug 26, 2013
    the game is really good. there is a lot to explore, more weapons, awesome enemies and more customisation. the story is quite deep, and now we know that Siris is deathless and we know his name, things will get a little bit more fun than the first. Overall, excellent game
  7. Mar 9, 2013
    Crap! It's just a repetitive and upgraded version of the first game, on the first three days, I played it trying to find something new, but I didn't. If you have the first one, great, don't buy this, if you don't have any Infinity Blade, still don't buying these games.
  8. Jul 4, 2012
    Awesome game! It's so much better than the first game, adding dual wielding and heavy weapons. The graphics are even better than the first. I very highly recommend this game!
  9. May 26, 2012
    When I held the original Infinity Blade in my hand last year, I was in awe at the amazing graphics. Then I played the game and I loved how such graphics can be used to be an iPod/iPhone exclusive game taking full usability of the touch screen. The gameplay was amazing but after beating the story a couple times, it gets boring. Now, Infinity Blade II takes the original game to a whole new level. The story is much longer and the graphics have improved quite a bit also, and this is especially noticeable on the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. Infinity Blade II has new bosses and many more weapons. ChAIR has also added three classes of weapons you can choose from, light, heavy, and dual. I personally prefer the dual weapons but let me just talk about all the weapon classes overall. The heavy weapons take a little longer time to hit the enemy because they arenâ Expand
  10. May 22, 2012
    Even better than the first one. Much more variation in weapons, enemies, and paths. This is the best IOS game on the market. Runs slow on 3rd gen Ipods so beware. Recommended for use on Ipads and Iphones. As for not being able to get past the menu scree. Just wait. That's it. It takes about 30 seconds or longer sometimes because the game is huge for an IOS game.
  11. May 18, 2012
    I can't think of anything you could do to improve this game, providing you buy into the over-and-over again game structure. Fantastic visuals, nice voice acting, extremely fun and glitch-free gameplay. Simply the best overall game on iOS.
  12. May 11, 2012
    This is just basically Fruit Ninja with blades and monsters. All you do is slash enemies like you slash fruits. You cannot move or walk in the game, you just tap the enemy and the fight begins.
  13. Mar 18, 2012
    If this is the future of iOS as a gaming platform, then you can count me in. Infinity Blade 2 not only broke my expectations of a smartphone gaming experience, it also gave me newfound respect for the platform, and made a mobile gamer out of me. For platform whose strongpoints were Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, two games that are great in their own right but never quite surpassed the realm of â Expand
  14. Jan 30, 2012
    After dealing with some difficult crash issues on my 4th Generation iPod Touch, I've finally been able to get Infinity Blade II to run, and it is beautiful. I'm glad that Chair decided to work more with the story of the first Infinity Blade and the subsequent novella.

    The ability to choose whether you have the standard sword and shield, a heavy weapon, or dual weapons is a welcome change.
    Aside from having to reset my iPod dozens of times to get it to run properly my biggest gripes are how lacking the music is in its intensity and how Chair abandoned the made up romance language in favor of English voiceacting. The made up language made the first game seem more authentic to me and like it took place in a different world and time. In the end, the visuals of Infinity Blade II are something that cannot be ignored, because they are simply stunning and probably the best on the a mobile device. On older devices, however, the first game looks much better than the second game, although both run rather well.
    I would recommend reading the novella "Infinity Blade: Awakening" if you haven't already if you want the plot to make a bit more sense, but it isn't entirely necessary. The gameplay is much more accurate than in the first game and the combat is still intense. If you're looking for a console quality game on iOS, look not further than Infinity Blade II.
  15. Jan 22, 2012
    This game came as a bit of surprise for me. The first one was a tech demo which was polished in patches but this one is a thrill. Having a lot more fighting styles to choose from, more diversification in the meta-game level + intriguing story. It doesn't get much better than this on the iOS!
    In the III part they should work more on the mechanic itself rather then diversifying it they
    should make it more "active" next time. I mean the core gameplay is still magic+block/evade/parry + attack. Maybe adding a choise on which part of body to attack? Expand
  16. Jan 5, 2012
    I really liked Infinity Blade but I love Infinity Blade II. The artwork is beautiful as always and the expanded content is great. I didnt have any problems running the game on my IPad. The dual weapon option is a fun addition.For $7.00 its a no brainer.......Helluva buy!
  17. Dec 26, 2011
    This game is completely great. For a 7$ price, it really makes your money worth. Of course it is very much alike in gameplay from the first one, but this one has a deeper story and brand new combat mechanics, such as dual weapons and two-handed weapons. It is a must buy.
  18. Dec 25, 2011
    WTF its clearly the exact same thing as the last one, the intro might be the different but the exact same plot in almost the exact same setting but a different boss and it leaves extreme cliff hangers and has no explanation to its events. But I found it somewhat fun.
  19. Dec 6, 2011
    Would be a great game if it worked at all. Me and everybody I know who bought this game has had their saved games deleted at least once. This isn't a game you're going to complete in one sitting, so as it stands right now the game is pretty much worthless. The most recent update that was supposed to fix this problem is actually when I experienced the problem (lost my game as soon as I installed the update). I tried reporting the error to Epic games (owner of Chair) and that process proved to be infuriating as well as they had me jump through several hoops just to tell them what they screwed up (and I still couldn't do that). Not only would I not recommend this game, I wouldn't recommend anything Epic games has a hand in after this horrible experience. I want a refund ASAP. Expand
  20. Dec 5, 2011
    aw dawg i thoght dis was age of mpire but hey dis gud aniway din go mesin round here andartan k ya bro dat it
  21. Dec 5, 2011
    Great FX, very playable and a lot of enhancements to Infinity Blade 1.
    Now the Quest is longer with more features.
    This game is a must buy for all action players.
  22. Dec 5, 2011
    The game is an expansion on the first one, but definitely not a second installment. It's really easy, not skill-based, and doesn't last very long. The Gameplay hasn't really been refined to the point where it doesn't get repetitive after five minutes, so I see no reason to play it. If Epic make a great looking game on a REAL handheld and charge full price, I'd much rather pay that than 5 dollars on the app store. Expand
  23. Dec 3, 2011
    Infinity Blade II is brilliant. The game picks up where the first left off and it plays much like the first, but with many additions. In fact, this game is a far deeper experience. With the ability to enchant weapons via magical gems and multiple combat styles ranging from duel wielding swords to massive battle axes, there are combat classes to please any gamer's playing style, with the exception of ranged weapons, but that's not what Infinity Blade II is all about. It is about quick reflexes, combos, and stuns through the use of power attacks and magic rings. None of this would work, however, with shoddy controls, and perhaps this is where Chair has succeeded the most. The game has absolutely beautiful graphics (better than most console titles in all actuality), but it is truly those touch controls that we first experienced in Infinity Blade that make this game shine. In short, the controls are perfect. If ever you are taken down by an enemy, with the exceptions of those level 75 baddies that you will come across occasionally, it is purely because you made a mistake. Timing is crucial and, with practice, you will be unstoppable. As you grind your way through this vivid, beautiful world, you will come across a large variety of enemies, all with varying fighting styles and move sets that are much larger than the previous games'. You gain experience in the same fashion as Infinity Blade and earn gold along the way to buy new weapons, armor, and rings for your character. You will also come across gems, which I spoke of briefly earlier, and you can use these to enchant weapons and armor, giving them special abilities and perks. This addition not only makes the game feel much deeper, but it adds variety and makes your character feel truly unique as you are no longer restricted to a preset choice of weapons, one being better than the rest. The art design of Infinity Blade II is amazing, as is expected. The world is very detailed and filled with beautiful lighting effects from the sun. It truly is amazing that this is a cellphone game and this game sets the bar for those to come.

    Infinity Blade II is not only a brilliant game; it is art, and it is worth every penny of the low asking price. Surely, you cannot compare this game to a massive title such as Skyrim or Dark Souls, but the fact that this is something you play on your phone changes things, and thus I give this game a 10 out of 10 because it truly is an amazing game. It would be a travesty to ignore this title because it is history in the making and it is one of those rare titles, much like Skyrim and Dark Souls, that will pave the way for those to come.
  24. Dec 2, 2011
    Well worth the price of the lunch I am skipping to play this game.
    I liked infinity blade 1 and I like infinity blade 2 infinitely more. It seems as though all of the systems and mechanics have been updated for greater depth and ease of use. I love the character class type play with the different weapons. I think the addition of story was the next step for this franchise. The character
    design is very creative and unique. The world looks amazing on the ipad 2. I have heard of some crashes on lower end devices but from my stand point the game has been a solid experience for me and I have enjoyed playing this game. If you have a 4s or an ipad 2 you must have this game. Expand
  25. Dec 2, 2011
    Awesome game. Tons more content and they have really honed in on their successful franchise from last year. Congrats Chair on once again setting the standard for what an iPhone game should bring to the table. While some may (still) be turned away from the on rails/cyclical nature of the game, this game offers a considerable amount more content and story than the last one while offering even better gameplay. Highly recommended as the definitive iPhone experience right now. Expand
  26. Dec 1, 2011
    Most awesome Iphone game to date. I don't know how someone can rate this game negative. Graphics are awesome , fights awesome , EVERYTHING in this game is awesome.
  27. Dec 1, 2011
    Truly one of the best displays of the Unrealâ
  28. Dec 1, 2011
    Great game, far better that the original in my opinion. So far it has been running far better on my iphone 4 than the original did, and thats impressive considering how much bigger and better looking this is. I had a really annoying bug where it forgot all my save data and I had to start again. I know problems like this are going to be ironed out, so while its annoying it doesn't change how good the game is. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an iPhone, its got great controls lots of depth and an addictive levelling system, just watch out for the bugs... for now. Collapse
  29. Dec 1, 2011
    Better than ever, Chair has refined their previous game to the point where it is perfect. Battles are exciting and engaging, and suprisingly, the game looks EVEN BETTER! It can stand up to even console titles. For only 8 dollars, its a must buy. Oh yeah, 96%. Same as Skyrim. Who woulda thought.
  30. Dec 1, 2011
    Great game, far better that the original in my opinion. So far it has been running far better on my iphone 4 than the original did, and thats impressive considering how much bigger and better looking this is. I had a really annoying bug where it forgot all my save data and I had to start again. I know problems like this are going to be ironed out, so while its annoying it doesn't change how good the game is. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an iPhone, its got great controls lots of depth and an addictive levelling system, just watch out for the bugs... for now. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Apr 26, 2012
    A technical achievement that showcases the true potential of the iOS devices and the power of the Unreal engine.
  2. Jan 29, 2012
    Addictive, fully-featured and far more sure of itself than ever before, Infinity Blade II is as slick an offering as iOS currently offers. [Issue#118, p.100]
  3. Jan 12, 2012
    Infinitely awesome and just short of genius - download it for your mobile now. [Feb 2012, p.82]