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  • Summary: Exploding into the app store at warp speed, SGN brings you Ion Racer! A sci-fi, action-packed, agility race with heart-stopping thrills - Ion Racer takes speed to another level. With endless ways to customize your craft, you'll never run the same race twice. Experience the mounting challenge of mission-based progressive competition - how long can you stay in the race?A truly strategic racing game, Ion Racer offers:+ Choose strike mode to burst through obstacles or play in + Focus mode for precise steering . . .+ Control your craft with accelerometer tilt steering or choose easy-access light touch controls + Buy or earn valuable Kions to gain boots in speed and accuracy+ Heal your wounded ship through intensely accurate gameplay or hit auto-repair for instant healing to get back into the race, fast!+ Catch multipliers for an out of this world score!+ Compete against friends via Game Center leaderboards & achievements . . .+ Multi-dimensional retina display . . . + Perks, Upgrades, and More!Follow: at @sgn_tweets Visit: www.SGN.com Like: http://www.facebook.com/SocialGamingNetwork Expand
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  1. Mar 30, 2012
    While it's not really a racer in the technical sense, that doesn't keep Ion Racer from being entertaining. Fans of pretty much any kind of "runner" should certainly consider it. Everyone else should, too, because it's fun. It's also hard to put down and perfect for that pick-up and play gaming iOS users are accustomed to.
  2. Mar 30, 2012
    A twitchy sprint that nestles on the line between high-speed thrills and spectacular death, Ion Racer is a dangerously compulsive speedster.
  3. Apr 18, 2012
    An amazing piece of work by its developers, and I hope that this review encourages the Social Gaming Network to keep updating this application.
  4. Apr 6, 2012
    Ion Racer is a fun, very well done, thrill ride of a game that leaves us wishing there was more to it.
  5. Apr 4, 2012
    We don't mean to be too hard on Ion Racer, because it certainly delivers a pleasurable experience, but it's also a proverbial one-trick pony, a game you'll probably check out for a few days and then discard.
  6. Apr 13, 2012
    The biggest issue I have with Ion Racer is that the game never really evolves beyond what you see at the onset. You can buy different skins and upgrade attributes, but the gameplay never really feels different. Even the environments hardly change, with the same futuristic tunnels with each run. It's a shame, because the visuals are excellent and, when combined with the framerate and sense of speed, look very much like Wipeout.
  7. Apr 30, 2012
    Ion Racer plays like an endless runner with hover racers. How far can you get as the track steadily speeds up, and how many points can you accumulate before your enviable crash and burn?

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