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  • Summary: Introducing SPIN 2 WIN, the world’s first human fruit machine.* Become the best mate ever by winning £5K, ultimate get togethers and 1000s of other prizes from the J2O Kitty for you and your close pals.SPIN 2 WIN gets fruity using AR technology and special edition J2O SPIN 2 WIN beer mats, to make your nights out even more fun as you transform your mates into 3D fruity reels that you can play right away. Forget scrabble, this is the new pub classic. HOW TO GET SPINNING: • FREE YOU SAY? That’s right there are no charges to download the J2O SPIN 2 WIN app. Happy days! • TO CODE OR NOT TO CODE. To win prizes you will need to buy a J2O to reveal the unique 9-letter code on the inside bottle label. No J2O, no worries - You can still play without a code but will be unable to win prizes for you and your mates. Isn’t it your round? • GRAB YOUR MATES AND MATS. No flipping beermat boredom here, each mate holds up a beer mat. You hold up your smartphone and see the beermats transform into reels right there in-front of you. • HIT SPIN 2 WIN. There’s more than one chance – there’s 5 spins per session to try your luck. Even better, each code expires an hour after entered, so you can pause and pick-up when you left off. Making time for many a bad joke and long story. *that you can play with three mates and your smartphone. Expand
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