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  • Summary: Jabbit™ is a brain teasing and finger testing reaction game, based around the cute character Jabbit. Simple yet addictive, Jabbit™ challenges your reaction times and your brain speed. Pit your skills against your friends & family in the Game Center Leaderboards, or collaborate together for your World Group Ranking! Unlock all the bonus levels by finding the hidden Golden Jabbits!FEATURES: - Cute fun characters, Jabbits love to be Jabbed! - Simple, yet challenging, levels test your reaction time and brain speed - - Every level has unique beautiful backgrounds representing your journey through the game - Each world is more challenging and varied than the previous, can you graduate from the Farm, to the City? Become a JetSetter or even a Marathon Runner?! - Great for kids and adults of all ages, helps improve concentration, motor skills and raw brain speed - Social - share your scores through Game Center and Facebook, and compete against your friends to be the best! - Truly Social - collaborate with your friends to become the #1 team in the world! - Multiplayer - heads-up Jabbit™ let's you compete against your friends using bluetooth - Secret Bonus Levels - Can you find all of the Golden Jabbits and unlock all of the bonus levels? They're not easy to find!Universal App - plays great on all devices* for a single low price! (* supports all devices running iOS 4.1 or above)Full integration of Game Center, beautiful graphics on all devices, including HD on iPad and Retina devices.From ikuragames studio, a pioneer in simple, social, fun games - look out for more titles from us soon!COMING SOON! - More Levels - More Jabbits - More Golden Jabbits - More Bonuses - More Fun! - Kiddie's Corner - a selection of simpler levels for toddlers, help them improve their motor skills while enjoying the cute characters and progress through harder levels as they get older Expand
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