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  • Summary: To celebrate the launch, for a very limited time, Jake the Reaper is FREE! Please throw some stars our way as a nod, and thanks!You are The Grim Reaper, the Harvester of Souls, The Angel of Death—and you really need a vacation! Corporate has decided that giving you time off without a replacement would be terrible for business, so they've brought in a temp for you to train. Guide him through various stages of Reaping training, and you might earn that vacation!Jake the Reaper is a zany arcade-style swiper. Swipe a path to show Jake where to go. Lift your finger, and he will pick up souls—and anything else that gets in the way. And please don't reap the Living. It's bad for business.Swipe with gestures for style, aim for combos, and choose your powerups wisely. Set traps by keeping your finger down until souls cross your path. Stages include a clash between scientists and tourist divers, a land battle between warring samurai with fatal allergic conditions, and a poorly-maintained amusement park ride, with additional stages available in an Expansion Pack.Please check out jakethereaper.com for more info! Jake is also on Facebook at facebook.com/jakethereapergameFEATURES:• Jake includes three different "situations" — Feeding Frenzy, Asthmatic Samurai, and The Black Hole. Expansion Pack 1 includes three new situations — Clock Cleaners, Scurvy, Window Washers• Universal! Runs well on all devices from iPhone 3G to iPad 3, with gorgeous, full retina support for iPhone 4 and iPad 3. Enjoy 60 frame-per-second clarity on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3. All for one low price!• Play in vertical or horizontal orientation. Use it to your advantage!• There is no gore, or actual death. It's actually cute. Yes, that's a feature.• Five different play modes: Normal, Countdown, Race to 50, Race to 100 and Infinite.• Full Game Center integration, with 30 achievements and 5 different Leaderboards. High scores and achievement progress are recorded for each person logged in (or not) with the device.• Play your own background music, with mixed environment and action sounds. Mute, volume controls, and nice things like auto-muting when you pull your headphones on the bus, are thrown in for good measure.• Local high scores, with or without Game Center.• An ambient sound system plays random environmental sounds in stereo for a more immersive Reaping experience. In other words, it sounds cool.• Particle effects based on the material of whatever your swipes cross, including sparks, wood and cherry blossoms. In other words, it looks cool.• Store integration is included, with extra stages already available, and more in the oven!FIND US:web: jakethereaper.comfacebook: facebook.com/jakethereapergametwitter: @GrandUnifiedLLC Expand
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