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  • Summary: Looking for and finding Jesus**A game for all ages**The first encounter with Jesus is meant to be thoroughly positive. This was the idea of the makers behind this game. The pencil and crayon drawings were developed without any claim to be artistically perfect! The aim was to show a Jesus who could be drawn by children in the same way: kind, friendly and colourful just like their own world. These images, which portrait episodes of Jesus’ life are lovingly drawn. The game is based not on quickness, because the child should not only look for the matching image, but also always learn about the message which is hidden within it! For example “Jesus loves the children” or “Jesus stills the hunger”.**The big advantage of this game is that it does not need much in the way of explanation. Children understand it at once without further instructions. Parents also enjoy this game, because each image gives the onlooker a good feeling and assures them that their children engage in a meaningful and educational experience!*Child psychologists and teachers agree:” If little children are to be exposed to new technology, they may as well come into contact with it in such an innocent and beautiful way as they do playing this game!”**How it works:**There are three grades of difficulty each with a higher number of different cards available. The principle is always the same: by clicking or touching a card the image that is hidden under each card appears. There are always two matching cards that need to be found. This game is excellent in both helping to improve children’s memory and concentration.**Hints:**Children will learn at an early stage that Jesus’ message is love and also that Jesus has trust in everybody to do the right thing in life, as long as one follows the path of goodness and listens to his inner voice. The game aims to bring the man Jesus into the every day life of children. Jesus should not be reduced to a religious ideology, because the importance of love and courage and hanging on to an idea - even against the biggest resistance - can help the child to become the person it wants to be one day: a precious part of the whole, which will make the world a better place. It will be more effective if parents can relate the stories shown on the card to their children. *We hope you and your children will enjoy this beautiful game. ** Expand
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