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  • Summary: The name says it all!

    This Free Version of Jetman Extreme Velocity offers two character choices, (JetMan or JetWoman) tilt or tap mode and automatically increasing levels of difficulty.

    The most action, best graphics and best SFX you will find in any JetMan or Copter side scrolling

    Collect the Sparkling Diamonds and Life Bubbles. Avoid the evil Exploding Bubbles or blast your way through them. The faster and further you go, the more points you score! Watch out for boulders!

    A full featured version is under development. Features planned for the paid version include:

    Expanded Missions: Soaring and Mining will be separate missions and a new Cavern mission is being added.
    Expanded Levels: 3 Levels in each mission
    More Enemies: exciting new enemies on all three levels
    More Weapons: awesome new weapons and sounds on all three levels
    Scoring: new bonus point indicators and several new perqs.

    The JetMan Story

    A massive explosion during a secret diamond mining operation on the earth-like planet Carnebula, caused red diamond particles to be suspended in space. Your mission is to collect as many diamonds as possible while attempting to reach Extreme Velocity. Skim by or collide with the white Life Bubbles to extend your health. Blast your way along or use your precision flying skills to avoid the dangerous Red and Blue Exploding Bubbles. Diamonds near the boulders are worth more points but be careful not to collide with the boulders while mining. Points are multiplied as your speed is automatically increased from level to level. Fly high, fly low and fly everywhere in between. Don’t stay near the top of the mining ridge too long or you might be sucked back up into space. Its safe (actually quite pleasant) up there but good things don’t last forever, so keep an eye on your health meter if you decide to go soaring!

    To find out more about JetMan's next mission, following us along on Twitter at

    Checkout the video trailer on YouTube at
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