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  • Summary: Fast, fun and addicting, what more could you ask for in a mobile game?

    JETMAN JACK is an 8-bit iCopter like throwback to the 1980's. Control Jack as he soars through the universe dodging dangerous obstacles in this simple, yet wildly addicting pick-up-and-play style game. Jetman Jack
    uses touch controls that surpass the controls on the classic helicopter game and Jetman on facebook that we all know and love.

    Don't believe us? Read what the top review sites are saying:

    "There is something compelling about the simplicity of the gameplay that keeps me wasting time when I really shouldn't."

    "Jetman Jack is a solid arcade game by any measure. It looks pixel perfect and has all the attributes of an NES game."

    Soon to come in version 1.1:
    - OpenFeint compatability, including a global scoreboard, achievements, community forums, and more!
    - 8-bit soundtrack for a better 8-bit gameplay experience

    Demo video and more online at

    Start your jetpacks ladies and gents, this is 99 cents you won’t regret spending.

    Can’t get enough? Follow us on Twitter

    Developed/designed by Matt Katsaros and Jack Archer. Copyright (C) Axium Interactive, 2009. All Rights Reserve.
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