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  • Summary: JetPack Robo Rabbit Jets! Packed with action and fun! jetPack Robo-Rabbit is on a mission. He is flying through the skies with his jetpack on to collect all the carrot tokens he can find. Who controls such a formidable force? Well you do of course. When you download the jetPack Robo-Rabbit app for iOS you can command one of the fun-filled Robo-Rabbits to patrol the air. While on your mission, watch for robot bunny snack tokens, Grab them up and earn points! Make sure you also keep a watchful eye out for the Vexing Villains! With angry eyes, fierce horned heads and their large metal hinged mouths of doom! With big, sharp and pointy metal robo-teeth, the Robo-Villains are out in force. They want to stop Robo-Rabbit from getting the carrot tokens that earn you points. Only you can stop them! When you play, you are also in control of Robo-Rabbits Vexing Villain Vaporizer unit! (Also known as a Blasting Bunny Bazooka) Help him rocket through the skies and show the villains that Robo-Rabbit will not let them get in the way of a good snack! When you earn enough points, you can exchange jetpack Robo-Rabbit 1.0 for an upgraded model of your character. Choose Rusty Robot Rabbit or with enough points, Oily Robot Rabbit! The great graphics and user friendly interface, make this easy to control mobile app a great game for the young and the not so young. Flying this amazingly well animated, full color Robo-Rabbit will provide you with hours of jetpacked fun.Why carrot tokens? Because robotic rabbits don't eat vegetables. Vegetables will rust their robo-gears.FEATURES Here’s what you can expect with the Alpha Hot Dog Battle game: Free to play! Easy game controls! Earn points for each point collected and for each fire toward the enemy! Continuous play action! High-quality graphics! Play anywhere on your Iphone device! Unlock additional characters! Download JetPack Robo Rabbit today! Interested in more information about the JetPack Robo Rabbit app? Visit Expand
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