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  • Summary: A simple pinball game that is easy to use and play.  Reminiscent of classic pinball arcade games but with different technique of keeping the ball alive.  Flashing lights and sound upon collision.

    In the beginning, the ball sits on the spring. To shoot the ball, the player will
    have to touch the ball (or the upper part of the spring), drag down to any extent you want, and then release the spring.

    When the ball enters the play area, you will want to move the horizontal bar (in front of the black hole) using the touch/drag technique. You can move the bar anywhere between the two lines and the walls. The purpose is to block the ball from falling into the black hole. Let the ball keep hitting the (yellow or red) pins to get more points.

    Be aware that, each time the ball gets blocked by the moving bar, it will bounce back higher and eventually fall faster. Thus, it is getting more difficult to block the ball as the game is proceeded.

    If the ball falls into the black hole, the next ball will be served.

    You will score 1 point each time the ball hits the yellow pin, 2 points if the ball hits the red pin. The total score, the number of runs, the average score per ball, and the highest score among runs are displayed on top of the screen.

    After a few practices, you should be able to score 5 to 10 points per ball; a lucky run may let you get 30 points. You are excellent if your overall average score is higher than 20.
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