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  • Summary: Just Picture It! is mobile photo sharing with a twist! This turn-based, multiplayer game reimagines the experience of sharing your old and new photos from an ordinary task into a social recreation. Playing is easy and the game experience is limited only by your imagination. How do I play?It’s as easy as point, shoot, play! •Take or select a picture with your iPhone•Create a caption for the photo•Give some clues as to what the caption is •Send to your friends•Wait for them to Just Picture It!What can I picture?Just Picture It! allows you, the user, to direct the experience – in other words, you choose your own adventure. While the possibilities are unlimited, here are some fun ideas to get you started.•See something funny? Share a reminder of an inside joke with a friend or a group of friends.•Frequent traveler? Enjoy having your family or friends guess your location.•Learning a new language? Practice with a friend by photographing everyday objects and identifying them in Spanish or French or the language of your choice.•Kids need help with homework? Photograph spelling or vocabulary words for your children.And don’t forget those photos that have been getting dusty in your iPhone album. Just Picture It! creates a fun reason to revisit and share your old photos. iPhone screen captures make for great games as well (to take a screen capture, press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously)! You can also play Just Picture It! the old-fashioned way—get together with your friends in the family room and play through your Apple TV.Just Picture It! is loaded with fun features including:•Turn-based game play for gamers on the go.•Easy login and friend finding via Facebook, your address book, or any email address.•Push notifications to alert users when a game is received by you or answered by one of your friends.•One-to-one messaging before and after each game. Expand
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