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  • Summary: Do you love the challenge and satisfaction of solving a great puzzle? KAKOOMA™ is deceptively simple: from a group of numbers, find one number that is the sum of two others. Seems easy, right? But looks can be deceiving. There will be times when you can't find the number, even though it's sitting right in front of you. You'll be amazed, annoyed, astounded and eventually addicted. Along the way, KAKOOMA™ will sharpen your mind and even make you better at math. So what are you waiting for? It's time to KAKOOMA™!


    Creative Smarts Inc. announces the newest addition to its family of KAKOOMA™ products – the much-anticipated KAKOOMA™ app for the iPhone.

    Want to try KAKOOMA™? Download the iPhone app FREE for a limited time only.

    Or try the online version at kakooma.com


    Greg Tang is a math guy. Ten years ago, Greg was looking for a better way to teach math to his kids. He wound up creating a groundbreaking series of children's picture books, including the best seller The Grapes of Math. Now, after a decade teaching teachers and students a smarter way to approach math, Greg is back with his latest company, Creative Smarts Inc. His team combines diverse technologies and creative design with Greg's innovative teaching methods to develop entertaining, brain-sharpening products. JOIN the revolution in smart thinking at: www.gregtang.com
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