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  • Summary: Do you love the challenge of a great puzzle? KAKOOMA® is the quick-thinking, brain-building app that is getting kids and adults of all ages hooked on numbers; it is deceptively simple: from a group of numbers, find one number that is the product of two others. Try KAKOOMA for just a few minutes and you'll be amazed at how fun and challenging it is. So what are you waiting for? It's time to KAKOOMA!Note: This app offers puzzles involving multiplication with positive numbers for every age and ability; it is part of the KAKOOMA family of apps, spanning puzzles with addition, addition including negative numbers, and multiplication, with Pro editions offering a higher degree of difficulty. Search for 'Kakooma' to see the full suite or - on an iPad or in iTunes - see links on the left.-------------------------------------------ANNOUNCEMENT------------------------------------------- Greg Tang announces the latest addition to his family of KAKOOMA products –the new Kakooma Times for the iPhone or iPad.Now in a single app, get KAKOOMA puzzles for every age and ability. Start with 4 numbers and work your way up to 9 numbers. Adults love the challenge. Kids love getting better in math. Finally, something fun and addicting that's actually good for you!Unsure about buying? Try KAKOOMA from a computer first at gregtang.com/kakooma/demo-------------------------------------------ABOUT GREG TANG------------------------------------------- Ten years ago, Greg was looking for a better way to teach math to his kids. He wound up writing the NY Times best seller The Grapes of Math and 7 other math picture books. Now, after more than a decade teaching teachers and students a better way to do math, Greg is back with more puzzles, games, books and teaching materials. His team combines diverse technologies, creative design, and innovative teaching methods to develop entertaining, brain-sharpening products. Join the revolution in smart thinking at GregTangMath.com. Expand
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