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  • Summary: Kakuro (cross-sums) is an addictive puzzle game often qualified as Sudoku's bigger brother. If you enjoy solving Sudoku puzzles, you will surely love to be challenged by Kakuro. And ... don't be misled by the first impression - Kakuro is much easier than it may seem and involves more logical than mathematical skills.

    A Kakuro puzzle is represented by a rectangular area of empty and non-empty cells, similar to a crossword puzzle, but instead of words it consists of number sequences, each of which is associated with a clue, located on the left of the sequence (across clues) or above the sequence (down clues).

    The goal is to:
    - fill all empty cells with numbers from 1 to 9 so that
    - the sum of all numbers in a sequence is equal to the corresponding clue and
    - no number appears in a sequence more than once.
    A typical Kakuro puzzle has unique solution.

    You can go through a complete example on the application's website and learn common solving techniques.

    Kakuro Mania offers a great variety of grid sizes and difficulty levels making it suitable for both Kakuro novices and experts. You can ease your job by selecting a clue to explore possible clue combinations or turning on number hints to view possible cell values. Each puzzle is guaranteed to have exactly one solution.

    Enjoy also our version of Sudoku - Sudoku Mania.


    - 6 grid sizes - from 5x5 to 10x10
    - 4 difficulty levels
    - Pencil mark mode
    - Powerful hints
    - Convenient all-in-one user interface
    - Automatic progress save
    - Automatic check for duplicates and wrong sums
    - Ability to check filled cells against the solution
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