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  • Summary: Play with mesmerizing kaleidoscopic patterns on your iPhone. See them change, color the pattern or even change the pattern itself while it is growing.

    A pattern consists of cells, shown on your iPhone as pixels. Each cell is surrounded by neighbors and has a color. The pattern evolves over
    the generations, the fate and state of an individual cells depends on the rules of life and their neighbors. This is known as a cellular automaton. Kalifescope is a fully interactive implementation for the iPhone.

    - Start with - Built in pattern
    - Image from file
    - Photo taken on the fly
    - Pattern drawn by finger
    - Change the rules, on the fly
    - Drawing (Color existing cells, draw new cells, none)
    - Coloring (Random, fixed color, blend, blend to R/G/B)
    - Pen shape (round, square, diamond)
    - Rule of life (Ka-life 1, Ka-life 2, Conway)

    Kalifescope is based on variations on 'Conways game of Life'. Variations on the rules lead to the kaleidoscopic effect. The elephant is a tribute to dr. Paulien Hogeweg who demonstrated these variations using an elephant pattern and hooked me into IT forever.

    Have fun
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