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  • Summary: “The Crab Canning Ship,” which has been a huge hit in Japan as both a novel and a movie, is now a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

    In this game, you are a worker aboard the crab canning ship whose job is to pack crabs into cans.

    You can do this by tapping the crabs that pass
    by on the two conveyer belts. The more crustaceans you pack, the more points you'll receive.

    Garbage and treasure will also go by on the conveyor belts. If you can these objects by mistake, you'll lose points, so be sure to throw out the garbage and take the treasure instead.

    If you take the treasure and present it to the captain, he'll increase your time limit. Do your best and work until the last second to get the highest score possible!

    ?Other Specifications
    ?You can turn the background music and the sound effects on or off on the settings screen.
    ?While playing, you have the option of turning the game's background music off and listening to the music on your iPod instead.

    ?System Requirements
    This application can only be played on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
    When you set the device to silent mode, the game's background music and sound effects will not play.
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