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  • Summary: KICK THE BUDDY IS A TRULY INTERACTIVE GAME! You get a buddy to whom you can do whatever you want! You can kick him, blow him up, make him a target of a missile, or test his limits and play baseball or basketball with him. It’s up to you what kind of relationship you have with your little buddy!

    We provided an incredible number of ways that you can punish or entertain your little buddy. Just develop your own unique strategy of doing it! By playing with the buddy, you can earn money for buying new weapons, items, and games, among many other exciting ways you can interact. The more extreme your actions get, the more money you earn! And don’t worry. Your buddy won’t mind because in this relationship, you’re definitely the boss! =)

    Just a couple of moves and he can become your worst enemy or your best friend—you can become the author of your own exciting scenario!

    ? The game is fully physically simulated!
    ? Six different categories containing 33 items!
    ? Realistic sounds for all guns and all items!
    ? The hero has artificial intelligence!
    ? Select faces from the device Photo Library!
    ? Incredibly fun and addictive gameplay!
    ? Compatible with iOS multitasking!
    ? Global achievements!
    ? Easy-to-use interface!

    If you have any suggestions regarding the new items you would like to see in this game, just rate the game five starts and include your suggestion in the feedback.
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