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  • Summary: Stiflerr, a party animal throws wild parties frequently and finally the landlord is kicking him out of the mansion. Stiflerr's belongings are thrown off the window by the Landlord. Luckily, Stiflerr has an iBouncer that can bounce anything into his truck without any damage.


    * One touch to play the game - move Stiflerr left or right by a single touch
    * Visually stunning particles: glowing stars, rain drops, moving clouds, snow drops, smoke etc
    * High Definition (HD) graphics
    * Themes of various cities: San Francisco, London, Sydney, New York, Seattle and Sausalito
    * Sound effects: background music, smoke effect, applause, bounce effect etc
    * Lots of different levels of gameplay
    * Can post high scores on Facebook and Twitter

    SEE screenshots for stunning graphics and visual effects

    The iPhone player is Stiflerr and the goal is to bounce the belongings/things (using iBouncer) thrown from the window and into the truck. Stiflerr can only miss thrice and should avoid the bombs thrown randomly at him by the Landlord. The game starts from a very easy level; it gets challenging and interesting with every new level.

    Other features:
    * Music and sound on/off option
    * Game Play/Pause option
    * Can auto recommend friend(s) via Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail and SMS
    * Help section on how to play the game
    * Tested on iOS 4.0+
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