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  • Summary: Kickme Table Football (Foosball)

    The fantastic table football (foosball) game for all the amateurs or skillful players.
    Table football is a sport game and it is often played for fun in pubs, bars, workplaces, schools, clubs, and your home's basement with few rules. With elegant
    graphic design and good AI robot, you will find this game with endless fun. As this game supports both 1-player and 2-players modes, you could enjoy and play with your friend togethers.
    The reason why we develop this game is that we have a very nice time to play foosball in our office, but we cannot find an iphone foosball game that can use our foosball techniques. All the fantastic fun and foosball techniques are added into this game. You can press the ball at the top, pass the ball from right to left player, shoot the ball with an angle. If you like, you can even kick the table to trick your opponent. (that's what we did in the real foosball game and its fun !)
    In this game, we have 2 characters called Zama and Sama. 
    They are twins and they like foosball very much. (like us)
    Zama is hot-tempered and he like to kick the table when he felt angry.
    Sama is very graceful and he like to play foosball with techniques.
    What do you think who will win the foosball game ?
    (Please try it out and you will find the answer.)
    Hope all of you like this game ! 
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