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  • Summary: The Kid K Keepy Uppies game was created to help people with haemophilia. The game Featuring Kid K, a character designed to represent all the things that kids with haemophilia can do, rather than the things they can’t, Keepy Uppies is highly addictive. How to play Keepy Uppies Simply keep Kid K’s football in the air by making him hit it with his head, chest, knees or feet. You get two minutes to score as many points as you can, without dropping the ball.

    Why haemophilia doesn’t stop kids playing sport
    Haemophilia is an inherited condition in which the blood doesn’t clot. Like everybody else, it is important for people affected by the condition to have a healthy balanced diet, and take regular exercise. Sport is particularly important for people with haemophilia, as some types of exercise can help keep joints strong and muscles flexible. Strong healthy joints reduce the risks of bleeds within joint tissue, which could damage the joints, and increase the chance of developing arthritis.

    More information on sports and haemophilia
    Advice on sports and fitness for people with haemophilia can be found on Bayer HealthCare’s Factor Fitness website:
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