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  • Summary: Brought to you by the award-winning makers of Zoodles...

    Put your iPhone or iPad into Kid Mode and get hundreds of fun, educational videos for kids 8 and under!

    Our app adapts to your child's age, so your child gets the videos that are just right for what they are learning in
    school. All our videos have been screened by a dedicated team of educational experts and selected for their safety and age-appropriateness.

    iPad users also have access to our vibrant Art Studio, where kids can draw, color, and be creative!

    Awards won by Zoodles:

    ? Teacher's Choice Award 2011
    ? Parents' Choice Award 2010
    ? American Library Association's Great Interactive Software for Kids Award 2010
    ? Mom's Choice Award 2010
    ? National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval 2010

    Fun, educational videos for...

    ? 2 year olds: Learn about colors, shapes, animals, and much more!
    ? 3 year olds: Get familiar with letters and numbers, and enjoy countless stories and songs!
    ? 4 year olds: Practice counting and sounding out letters with fun sing-a-long videos!
    ? 5 year olds: Develop early addition, subtraction, and reading comprehension skills!
    ? 6 year olds: Enjoy math and grammar videos, explore science concepts like osmosis and experimentation, be inspired by LEGO videos to build and create!
    ? 7 year olds: Learn about multiplication and division, endangered species, sneezing baby pandas, and much more!
    ? 8+ year olds: Learn about the presidents, the periodic elements, and much more!

    Check out our website at!
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