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  • Summary: ** NOTE: After downloading and running the Siege Edition, you will get a battle axe item that gives a PERMANENT 5% bonus to Attack strength. You will also receive a bonus pack of 10 speaker items.

    ** NOTE: The Siege edition unlocks PRO status, which gives you a special in-game avatar.

    Discover the power of the great Dwarven axe of Mithrandor! It's magical powers give great strength to your attack forces.

    Take the throne of your newly formed kingdom, gather your allies close and send your armies off to conquer the world. Explore new lands and build the largest, most powerful kingdom!

    ONLINE Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) for the iPhone/iPod Touch!

    "The MOST addictive Game on the Planet! I never thought it was possible to have a game that pulls me to play so much...I know I will never lose my phone now because I have it with me everywhere to check for [game] updates." -One ring to rule them all

    "Amazing Game! I think I've run this app more than I hit the dialer on my iphone...crazy huh?" -GG7710

    "This game keeps you engaged with a good mix of action and strategy. I've played a lot of titles in this category and this is THE BEST." -Proclivity

    "Dangerously fun. When I first started playing this game I only spent a couple minutes a day, but then I got sucked into it and started checking it compulsively every few minutes to score more hits. My friends got mad at me, my girlfriend started ignoring me, and it ruined my productivity at work. I've curbed it now, but this game is still dangerously fun and eating up my time. Totally awesome." -randyv2

    ? Battle other players LIVE with massive armies!
    ? Buy and sell allies in order to increase power and profit.
    ? Use spies to scout, assassinate and steal from rivals.
    ? Experience gorgeous graphics and a rich storyline.
    ? Train new soldiers and raise a powerful army from a variety of buildings.
    ? Buy and use magical spells and items.
    ? Dynamic questing system with the chance to drop items and loot.
    ? Real time in-game news feed, world chat, allies chat and forum.

    ...and much MORE!

    This is an ONLINE game only! iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.
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