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  • Summary: -A villan has entered in between the love of cute and beautiful couple. He became an obstacle for their love and needs some help from you.-Chinese and english language supported.-????????????-On this amazing journey of love there are so many hurdles to over come....-Some of them at every level,ugly pigs, thief himself, chain balls, poker man, boyfriend of ugly pig, boxing gloves, icicles, broken hearted love, missiles , tornados, tsunamis, glue guns, rocks with falling stones, gluey rocks, spiky rocks... and keep exploring more...-Comes with five amazing backgrounds... -Cool power ups like...umbrella, bubbles of soap, surfboard for a ride, jetpacks, electric hearts, birds, motorcycles, balloons, time machines, ships, vacuum cleaners, ak47's, army of love, and love can also dream....-Socialized completely..if you submit score to Facebook and Twitter you will be rewards with one life... EVERY TIME... -Game Centre integrated completelylocal leader board is included..leader boards, achievements, challenges and many more... -Unique shopping mall includedyour game never gets bored with six alternative designs, tons of casual wear and accessories available within the game and you can try it live-Play with ease...Tilt to move, tap and hold left to fly, tap right to fire bullets... that's it...A five star rating is very much appreciated.. and fall in love with kissLove Expand
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