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  • Summary: This bundle contains 2 classic games of solitaire.

    LA BELLE LUCIE provides all variants of fan solitaire including THE FAN, CLOVER LEAVES, TREFOIL. A cheating free cell will assist you to solve this game with skill, otherwise its to hard to be fun. This is one of my personal favorites.

    SCHWIERIGE (THE DIFFICULT ONE) is a game from a German solitaire book that is not as difficult as its name. I have never seen it published before as computer game. To solve this game you need a good strategy.

    Not sure? Try our other games: "Best of Spider Solitaire", "Free Cell Solitaire", or try our free "Simply Solitaire". Look for similar icons.

    Built with the Super Solitaire game engine:

    - drag and drop play
    - minimal battery drain (up to 5h play)
    - gestures (collect, hint, undo, deal)
    - automatic save and resume
    - animated dealing
    - advanced hint system (g. right)
    - unlimited undo (gesture left)
    - collect cards (gesture down)
    - sound

    Do not expect scoring, or fancy end of game graphics.

    Patience mit deutscher Anleitung.

    Release Notes: No known bugs.
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