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  • Summary: Help Benny the Cockroach get home alive!Benny’s a scared and lost cockroach who must crawl home while avoiding all sorts of deadly threats: bug spray, sticky strips, electric zappers, blow torches, lizards, frogs, snakes and poison powder! Game play ends when Benny dies an agonizing death; and make sure he keeps eating or he’ll die of starvation!Fortunately Benny can use some lifesaving protections. Magic food allows him fly over threats. Various protective suits protect him against zappers, torches, sticky strips and poison. And of course he’s got YOU, his trusty friend and guide!FEATURESNonstop arcade-style scrolling action7 free levels with achievementsEasy, medium and hard settingsPlay by tipping screen or with joystick“Churro” bar at top tracks health/starvation statusJourney meter at bottom shows progress in level You’ll enjoy the gross and funny graphics!THREATSBlow torchesPoison sprayElectric zappersSnakes, lizards and frogsPoison powderSticky stripsLIFE-SAVERSGreen super food (makes him fly)Brown food keeps Benny from starvingGas mask (protects against spray)Hazmat suit (protects against poison and sticky strips)Fire suit (protects against blow torch and zapper)We hope you have fun helping Benny get home!!!Developed for CR Productions by Wickeyware (Tim Wickey)Special thanks to Matt Redler (Nextgen) for Version 1. Expand
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