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  • Summary: Lala Doctors: Super JuiceHeal your characters with food! Play doctors and cure them with Super Juice. Parent Notes: Your Child and Creative Thinking Playing ‘Lala Doctors: Super Juice’ with your child is a fun way of working out how the body deals with good nutrition. Super Juice consists of five animals who are sick and need to get better. Your child plays doctor, picks and mixes fruit and veg to create a healing Super Juice. Features:• Meet your five cute and entertaining patients to cure.• Your patients: Mr Frog, Mr Raccoon, Miss Elephant, Mr Pig and the young Deer • Heal your characters with food! Play doctors and cure them with Super Juice. • Unique music, animations, and silly sound effects• Funny Super Juicer with healing powers• Play and learn caring about others• Healthy fun! Play with fruits, veg and fish then find their healing powers• Beautifully painted original illustrations• No rules, levels, stress or time limits – just play! • No third-party advertising• No in-app purchasesHow to Play When you tap onto a character who is ill, you enter into pick and mix healing space. Here you can experiment with picking and mixing many fruit and veg, but you must find the right mix to cure your patient. Finding the right mix for healing your character is fun! When you a pick and mix the wrong fruit and veg, they jump back into the medical cupboard. When you touch and drag four different types of the right mix of fruit and veg on the plates, you enter into the Magic Juicer space. Here, you can drop the fruit and veg into the Magic Juicer. Press the start handle and watch the Super Juice being made, then feed and heal your character! Here is your first healing pick and mix to get you started: to heal the Spotty Frog — you need to drag: broccoli + beetroot + lemon + strawberry as your Super Juice mix. Good luck and let the Magical Juicer be with you!About us Lala & Boom publishes kids and teens play apps, books and e-books for Apple’s ipad devices and other media platforms. We are an Indie Publisher and our philosophy is to create meaningful digital play and learning experiences. We love imagination. Through stories and games children discover the world around us. The environment influences how and what we learn. Our play apps and books tap into this link between imagination and learning. We believe that actions have consequences and we work to ensure there is meaning to be discovered in each of our play apps. In each play, we have beginnings, middles and ends. As your child plays they won’t simply jump from one thing to another, they will go on a journey of natural learning. The journey, step by step, takes your child through actions and consequences, building a story and bringing characters to life. Our little ones think just as much as we do, only they exist in a limitless world where the clouds can be pink and elephants can fly. Let’s move, imagine and play it. Let’s app it!Credits and Company Information ‘Lala Doctors: Super Juice’ and associated characters trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by Lala & Boom. Lala Doctors: Super Juice v1.0 © Lala Doctors: Super Juice. All Rights Reserved.© Lala & Boom. All Rights Reserved.ContactFor support and suggestions about this application, please contact: studio@lalaandboom.comPrivacy PolicyPrivacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we deal with privacy visit: Expand
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