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  • Summary: DiDaDi – Landy Wen

    The Chinese music world’s Dancing Queen, Landy Wen creates Hot Waves with the great new music app, DiDaDi.

    Play to the beats of her hit songs by tapping the flying discs as they glide down the musical runway. The beautiful graphics and images capture the
    aesthetics of Landy’s fashion and musical senses while giving users a fun experience. Not only Fresh from Landy’s successful duet with fellow Taiwanese star Jay Chou, the DiDaDi Landy Wen game features some of the Dancing Queen’s most upbeat and danceable hits: - Magic High Q – from the best EP on TV’s Music Billboard show - Wide-Angle Beauty – from her #1 album, Dancing Queen - Hot Wave – #1 on Taiwan’s G-Music Charts and Yuan Lai mobile CRBT charts - Love Has No Right Or Wrong – from her #1 album, Dancing Queen - And more to be made available! Incorporating vibration mode to indicate each successful tap as you work the Hot Waves to a Magical High Q, you can choose to play in Easy, Medium or Difficult modes but only the best get to the elite Advanced stage. Possibly one of the best Chinese music games in the world, this is a work of Beauty. And for those who can’t get enough of Landy’s grooving music, you can buy her tracks from iTunes via a simple tap in the game itself. Brought to you by leading global mobile app developer, FuguMobile and leading Chinese music distributor R2G Music, this is an amazing game that is well worth the money for hours of fun and music! DiDaDi – ?? ???????????app???????app??! ???????????????????????????????,???????????????????app?????? ???????????????,????????????DiDaDi?????????????????: ???High Q? ?????? ???? ???????? ????????? ???????????,DiDaDi?????????????????????High Q?????????,????App??????????????????????????,???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????,????????????????????????? ?????????App???FuguMobile?????????????????????,????????????????????????? ??????: 2007: ??????????G-music????????????? ,????? ?????? ?????????NO.1 ?????????“2007?????????”?7? 2008: ?????“??? ???”?????? 2009: ??? High Q????????????EP 2010 ????? ??????? ????? 21?????????????? ???????? ????? ???????? Expand
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