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  • Summary: Description:
    Welcome to the lucrative world of gem trading! With nothing but pocket change, you've been told, anyone can make a fortune and a name for themselves by traveling between gem markets, buying low and selling high. You've borrowed five bucks from a friend and you're
    ready to start, but are the rumors true? Is this your ticket to a life of luxury? Only one way to find out... make your first purchase!
    A new twist on the classic trading genre (of Drug / Dope Wars fame), Lapidarix is played in real time. Every copy of the game is synchronized with your device's clock, so you and your friends can ride the gem market rollercoaster together. It also has GPS functionality, allowing you to visit different gem markets with different prices as you physically move through zip codes.

    - Real-time price changes, rewarding split-second trading decisions
    - A unique market with unique trends in each zip code, with identical behavior on every iPod Touch and iPhone
    - Travel between zip codes to access a whole new market, opening up new profitable possibilities
    - Six different gametypes with recorded highscores. Compete with your friends; crush them with your economic might!
    - Bonus "Unlimited" mode with no time limits

    - Buy low, sell high!
    - Every market is different, and has different average prices for each gem. Try to get a feel for the behavior of your market.
    - If prices at your market are in a slump, try a different zip code! Run on over... you could use the exercise!
    - Buy extra space to carry gems to increase the rate at which you make money (or lose money, in some cases).

    Special Thanks:
    - Jos Buivenga (http://www.exljbris.nl) for the "Fontin" font
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