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  • Summary: "LASER CORE"
    - a retro shooting odyssey -
    The pinnacle of arcade action for the iPhone and iPod Touch!
    Clock*Rocket games transports you to a microscopic world within a powerful super-comptuer. Here, armed only with a quick-firing nano-laser, you must defend the computer system from
    a legion of holographic viruses and vicious nano-bot enemies!
    Easy-to-play: drag your finger across the screen to swivel the nano-laser (like a 'paddle controller' from yester-year), tap the screen to fire! Protect the super-computer's central processing core.


    Insane retro sci-fi laser blasting action!

    Keywords: game, retro, shooter, action, sci-fi, arcade, reaction, laser

    - Wicked high-speed shooting action!
    - Gorgeous retro graphics and explosive visuals!
    - Rich sound effects and music.
    - Simple motion controls: drag left or right to change laser blaster position (clockwise / counter-clockwise)
    - Simple shooting controls: tap the screen and the laser will fire instantly from its current position

    Languages: English

    Requirements: iPhone operating system version 2.2.1 or later

    Copyright 2009, Clock*Rocket Games. Visit us online at:
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