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  • Summary: New: - weapon upgrades! (super beam & super rockets) - save your game state, resume later - saves your game during a phone call - *slightly* decreased difficulty, better pacing, longer games - higher sensitivity range for faster tilt response - bug & speed fixes for 3GS


    "... genuinely refreshing to play."

    "Anyone who’s looking for quick, challenging and addictive arcade shooter shouldn’t pass this one up."

    "It’s rare that a game, especially for the Apple mobile platform, has all the key elements that make up a perfect experience - gameplay, artwork/graphics, music, controls."


    "This is the end.

    What was once paradise is now waste and rotting meat. I am surrounded by the decaying corpses of these disgusting invaders. The stink of them fills my thoughts. And I'm so hungry. Before my mind consumes itself in despair, I have to write our story. My name is Jhava, and as far as I know, I'm all that's left."

    - Jhava


    - Half-puzzle, half-arcade shooter creates exciting and addicting gameplay.
    - Control your cannon by tilting your phone (or swiping) with silky smooth and responsive control. Change the sensitivity to suit your preference.
    - Mix it up with a variety of tools: your color-change beam, your destruction rockets, and your trusty super bomb.
    - The difficulty increases with your score to keep you on your toes. How long can you last?
    - Global online leaderboards.
    - Enjoy beautiful graphics, animation, sound, and music as you cleanup the night sky.
    - Simple to pick up and play, with enough depth to learn some advanced techniques to push your score further.
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