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  • Summary: ****************************** Warning! You rushed into Lateral Minds, a mould-breaker game! Dive into this game and, if you want, leave your valuable feedback. ****************************** THE GAME Lateral Minds is a board game, a bizarre story, a mystery, and these things all together! It's based on so-called "lateral thinking", meaning a particularly creative reasoning.
    The game includes a set of Slides-Stories, enclosed in a special "Mindbox", which will be released periodically to expand this game forever!
    Each slide contains an utterance often paradoxical and bizarre, and also two illustrations that will help you to unravel the mystery.
    Stories' descriptions are deliberately deprived of many necessary elements to get to the solution of the associated aenigma.


    You can Play Lateral Minds alone, using the clues provided for each slide until you get to the solution of our incredible stories!
    But you may have a mental apotheosis of fun playing this game in company of your friends!


    One of the players will be the "Fate" that will show slides to other players and will answer to "detective" friends' questions. Players can try to piece together the missing elements with appropriate questions, bearing in mind that they will receive as answer only a "yes", a "no" or "it's not important".
    The "Fate" can decide whether to help other players with any clue or leave them basking in doubt!


    A slide doesn't necessarily have a single solution as a mathematical game but usually the given solution is the best, even because the original story was created from that.
    That's the reason why the proposed solution for each slide should be considered as the only viable solution!

    We just wish you'll enjoy the game!

    Think, Investigate, Play ... Lateral!
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