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  • Summary: NEW IN THIS VERSION: * Pause button * New shield powerup * Sound off option * New sounds * Bugfixes New maps coming soon! --- Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of the toughest anti-alien special unit known to man and alien alike? What it would be like to lead a life full of danger, non-stop action, love, friendship, betrayal and above all, rotating circles you have to fly through?

    Before I get accused of false advertising, there is no love, friendship and betrayal soap opera drama going on here. Danger and non-stop action? Oh yes.

    Look no more! Here it is: the long awaited First Person Rocket Virtual Reality Action Game, LAUNCH! You will experience an experience never experienced before in your whole lifetime experience! You will be able to fly, crash into things, recover, try again, go back to base and have parties with your combat buddies and finally, after many years of, I repeat, non-stop action, destroy the alien overlords and save Earth from certain annihilation!

    If you ever wanted to take a break from reality and just have some fun with space ships then this is your thing!
    If you ever wanted to be cool in front of your friends and have that certain look when they ask you what you did all afternoon, then again, this is your thing!

    Now go forth and show those aliens how it's done!

    NOTE: due to interdimensional projection issues, the aliens can not be depicted on a plain two-dimensional surface. YOU WILL NOT SEE ALIEN CREATURES IN THIS GAME!
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