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  • Summary: Are your fingers getting itchy to grab something… stretch it, release it and then see it bounce around?

    Put your minds to ease! It’s only our newly released game LEAP FROGGER HD we’re talking about!!

    Maneuver your Frogger around the pond with these unique controls and
    watch him jump around in the glare of the moonlight! The game is just as simple as it can be!
    You begin by touching your Frogger with your finger, stretching it backwards, angling and releasing it, propelling it to move forward.  Leaves provide the landing pads but weaken with Frogger’s weight in seconds. And if Frogger lands in water, he just has to try again!

    Several power-ups will help you move ahead, while the enemies will hinder your movement. Collect as many points as possible in this unlimited, untimed game-play and compete with friends in the local and global score listing! It’s the survival of the fittest!

    Connect on Twitter, Facebook, or through personal messaging, and share your game experience and scoring with friends!

    All this at an introductory price of just “$1.99”

    Features include:

    1. Unique game controls – touch, stretch, angle, release, see the jump!
    2. Unlimited & Untimed game-play
    3. Helpful power-ups & intruding enemies
    4. Local and global score display, find out how well the gamers are playing it around the world!
    5. Facebook & Twitter connectivity. Connect with friends through messaging as well!
    6. Colorful graphics and supportive sound effects
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