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  • Summary: ****** MASSIVE UPDATE coming soon! ****** Check out our blog post about the update: http://blog.punkbot.com View our gameplay video here: http://punkbot.com/leap-quest Upcoming features: - New Doodle Jump-style 2D levels in addition to your favorite 3D levels! - Complete menu interface overhaul
    - New challenges
    - Social network integration


    IT'S OFFICIAL: Leap Quest will blow your socks off!!! But don't just take it from us; here is what some of our players have to say:

    "Every once in awhile a new release comes out that you never knew was coming and it far exceeds any of your wildest expectations. Leap Quest is one of those releases." -New England Gamer

    "I have been playing this hidden gem for awhile now and it is truly amazing! Not only are the graphics spot on, but the gameplay is out of this world." -Touchgamer3g


    Note to players:
    - You can adjust control sensitivity in Settings!
    - You can change whether special powers / D-Pad are on the left or right by adjusting the "Power Placement" setting!


    Leap Quest is an exciting new 3D adventure-arcade game that is BOUNDS ahead of the competition, combining the best attributes of the platforming and jumping game genres. Jump up endless heights or try your hand at a diverse set of challenges, winning awards and unlocking new content along the way. And be warned: this game is incredibly addictive!


    - Endless, randomly generated levels for maximum replayability and unpredictability
    - Dozens of enemy types and hazards
    - Six quests and three challenges, with more on the way!
    - Global high scores with user handles for each scene
    - Three control modes: D-Pad, accelerometer, and our innovative Flick & Drag mode
    - Advanced settings for controlling graphics detail, control sensitivity, and more
    - Multiple terrain and atmospheric variations
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