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  • Summary: Welcome to the Kingdom of Astoria!

    The king has scattered his trinkets, fine foods and treasures throughout the kingdom for a day of celebration and entertainment! You are Fennly, the famous Jester of the Kings court. You will provide the entertainment for the day as you leap and collect
    your way through 15 beautiful locales. From the lowly dungeons of Cantwell, to the high court of castle Vicroy, your talents will delight and entertain.

    But nobody said it would be easy. Watch out for your arch nemesis, Hunchback Phil who has bullied you since you were a young whelp. Nothing would suit him better than to see you fail before the entire kingdom. So beware!


    1. 15 “Eye candy” levels to impress your friends with. Each level was hand crafted and rendered in 3D. Each providing unique challenges and custom features. It looks and plays great!

    2. Classic arcade game. Reminiscent of the golden age of arcade games—with much better graphics! Simple, yet challenging. Fun to pick and play for ten minutes or for hours.

    3. Arcade Puzzle Flavor. Collect the booty as directed by the king. The faster you collect, the greater the bonus rewards.

    4. Five different play modes

    - Normal Play – Play all 15 levels in sequence
    - Random Normal Play – Play all 15 levels, in random sequence
    - Endless Play – Play in order and rollover. Play as long as you can to score maximum points! Great for standing in line at the DMV!
    - Random Endless Play – play in random order endless play.
    - Random Three Levels – Play three random levels for a “quicky.”

    5. Simple controls. Tilt to move and climb ladders. Tap the screen anywhere to jump

    6. Robust save feature. Saves anytime to be continued at your leisure
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