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  • Summary: Leaping Lemmings is a reaction-based game, where a bunch of lemmings, who jump off a cliff in order to swim to another island, have to be rescued. Because our lemmings are non-swimmers it is up to you to get them safely to the next island, by creating trampolines to catapult them across the sea.Leaping Lemmings is featuring a set of 4 completely different worlds all containing specific hazards and enemies. You can test your skills in two game modes: Wave and Horde.In Wave mode your goal is to rescue waves of lemmings as they jump their way through all 4 worlds. As you progress more and more enemies and an increasing number of lemmings raise the difficulty bar.In horde mode you can pick your favorite stage and rescue an infinite number of lemmings without having to worry about enemies or environmental hazards. Both of these modes can be played endlessly and for even more fun you can also upload your highscores to the online leaderboards.Can you become the next Leaping Lemmings grandmaster?Leaping Lemmings features: -4 different worlds, all with their own unique enemies and environmental hazards-6 types of lemmings, all with different behaviors and looks-Online leaderboards to compete with the whole world-2 gameplay modes-No stage limit! You can play as long as you want. Expand
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