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  • Summary: Finally, an ? app for children from babies to toddlers. Learn 2 Dial has 3 fun modes: Play, Learn and Dial.

    Play Mode allows your child to press phone buttons, hear the numbers they press, and make the phone ring.

    In Learn Mode, a friendly voice will guide your child through learning
    their phone number. With randomized voice encouragements, your child will hear a variety of positive feedback and gentle reassurance.

    After your child has mastered their phone number, let them show off with Dial Mode. A friendly voice will answer with encouragement or gently inform them they dialed the wrong number. Use 'Place real call' and allow your child to dial a specified phone number with the Apple® 'Phone' app when your child correctly dials their phone number using this app. See below for more details.

    Whether it's a different language or you just don't like our voice, recording sounds your way will maximize your child’s learning experience.

    Other apps leave extra links for your children to press. Our program allows you to hide the options button which contains support links and other options.

    • Hide the options
    • 3 fun modes
    • Specify your phone number in any format (USA, Europe, Japan, or custom formats)
    • Record all sounds your way (External microphone recommended)
    • Hide or show the mode you want so your child plays with the mode you want
    • Use a speaking dial-pad or use standard phone button tones
    • Hint Mode allows your child to be guided by highlighting the next button to press
    • Optionally allow your child to place a real phone call without the risk of dialing a wrong number
    • Want to see something else, send us a message from inside the options and let us know

    Place real call: Dials a specified phone number with the Apple® 'Phone' app when your child correctly dials a phone number. After a real call is placed the 'Learn 2 Dial' app (iOS 4 or later) will need to be re-opened. This option will allow your child to make real phone calls without the risk of dialing wrong numbers. This option requires an iPhone.

    ????? keep the updates coming! Click 'Rate' within the options. Thank you for your support!

    ? This app is dedicated to my two children, Lucy (Age 3) and Eli (Age 1).
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