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  • Summary: Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch? It is easier than you think. Lost in 8bit is a perfect hands-on game example to start beginning game programming.

    Defend the ameb station against never ending attacks of angry pixel monster hordes.
    Shoot your way to freedom and stay alive as long as the amebs are feeding your space station with energy.

    This great and thrilling 80ies revival game features harsh 8bit sounds and the wildest pixel mashup ever seen for a while on screen.

    The complete source code can be downloaded from the internet - additionally you can find an easy to understand start-up tutorial. By making your way through the code you can learn how to:
    * move sprites around the screen
    * handle touch events for user interaction
    * play polyphone effect sounds

    Learn common game development techniques like:
    * collison detection
    * manage multiple game objects
    * state machines

    The game is programmed with straight Objective-C using standard API's available in the free iPhone SDK, e.g. AVFoundation, UIKit, Core Graphics / Quartz 2D.

    Source code and game play are kept as simple as possible. It will be easy for you to customize Lost in 8bit to your needs: You can exchange the disgusting pure 8bit sound effects by your own high quality music or replace the odd pixel style by smooth up-to-date graphics or adapt the game logic to be easier or harder - just as you like.

    Or you can make a complete new game out of it!
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