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  • Summary: Learn to sing, improve your hearing, and train your memory... at the same time!NOTE: This game works best in a quiet environment. If the sound is too soft, try using headphones.Application plays a sequence of musical notes that you have to memorize and then repeat by singing, humming or whistling it.In Beginner mode, there are only 3 possible notes: C, E and G. In Intermediate mode there are 6 notes: C, D, E, F, G and A. In Maestro mode, all twelve notes of the musical alphabet are used.When you begin a new game, Simon will play a single note. You then have a short time to repeat that note by singing, humming or whistling it into the iPhone's microphone. If you hit the wrong note or it takes you too long, then you lose and the game is over.If you hit the right note, you continue to the next round. For each new round, one new note is added. How many notes can you memorize and sing in tune?Tip: singing or humming works better than whistling.Have fun! Expand
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