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  • Summary: Educational workbooks for 3 to 5-year-old children Bobot is a fun and friendly robot who is missing some parts of his body. Help Bobot find them by completing the filecards!!! Get the final prize when you complete them all correctly!!! DESCRIPTION Bobot consists of a set of educational filecards designed for 3 to 5-year-old children to explore and develop their intellectual and creative skills. Based on the trial and error technique, 3- year-old children will learn new concepts, 4- year-olds will practice learned concepts and 5- year-olds will enhance the assimilated concepts.
    With Bobot the child will learn whilst playing with the same basic mathematical, spatial and emotional concepts worked in school daily, because the filecards are inspired in the same resources used by primary education teachers.
    More than 100 filecards classified by age and featuring appealing drawings as well as a pleasant
    and intuitive interface, thanks to which the child will learn, enhance and explore their skills. The application does not need any parental supervision. By using a language specially adapted for child comprehension, Bobot will explain what to do with every filecard.
    The educational content of every filecard has been carefully designed. A school psychologist and two primary school teachers have carefully supervised each and every filecard.

    112 different filecards. 40 filecards for 3-yearolds, 72 filecards for 4 and 5-year-olds
    Two play modes: touch and drag
    The child always wins
    Mid-game rewards
    Final interactive reward

    Bobot will update regularly by releasing new filecards, new playing modes and, of course, new and fun rewards.
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