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  • Summary: MacWorld Magazine Loves LED Football 2

    Peter Cohen raves:
    touchGrove’s attention to detail and desire to recreate that old-school handheld game experience is, without question, the big draw of this game—playing it, you can’t help but feel like you’re holding a
    plastic game in your hand, something powered by a 9-volt battery.

    See our 4 1/2 mouse review at: http://www.macworld.com/weblogs/iphonecentral.html


    Be the first kid on your block to own it.

    LED FOOTBALL just got better... Introducing LED FOOTBALL 2

    RUNNING! Scramble in any direction, even backwards!

    KICKING! More accurate than ever before.

    PASSING! Go for a touchdown or gain yardage.

    Now your in charge! Total Control LED Football 2 with Passing means you have total offense. Now the power is in your fingertips to bring the defense to it's knees. Watch as your receiver goes wide and your Quarterback locks on. Hit the orange PASS button and let that bad boy fly over the heads of that shifty defense (watch out, they can and will intercept you!) and into the waiting arms of your fastest receiver. Now you take control of the receiver as you dodge that line of defense. They are mean, but there is no stopping you now, it's just one slippery sweet ride into the endzone for a TOUCH DOWN!

    LED FOOTBALL 2 - They need to re-write the playbook. Because this is real electronic quarterback action for the iPhone and only available in the App Store, for the super-low price of 99 cents.

    *iPhone sold separately.

    Comes complete with simulated button "Wear-Down" technology.

    Tip: Sound is controlled by your iPhone sound. Make sure to turn your phone OFF vibrate mode to hear the sound. Or turn vibrate on if you don't want others to know you're playing!

    Look for LED Baseball, coming soon to the App Store.

    Check out our other old-skool release, LED Basketball, available now in the App Store.

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