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  • Summary: Be the warrior, sorcerer or archer to enjoy the best legendary war experience.Bringing the latest social arcade RPG experience for people who are searching for war games, arcade RPG, social games, multiplayer online games, addictive games and strategy games. Legend Wars: Choose to be the warrior, sorcerer or archer to enjoy the best legendary war experience.** A Real addicting RPG Gaming Experience **Best War Game on iPhone with real social features. THE RPG Wars & Combat EXPERIENCE- Massively Multiplayer ONLINE War Game!- Fight other players LIVE- Join to make it 10 million players game- Dominate with your legendary combination of warriors, sorcerers and archers as friends!- Leaderboards & PvP: Fight other players at real locations.1. Perform Tasks2. Purchase Shops3. Purchase Equipments4. See what luck has to offer5. Fight online with others6. Where war artillery before Party Battles7. Add other warriors, sorcerers or archers8. Challenge others in the Brave Battle SPACEMassively MULTIPLAYER OnlineRPG Developed and published by Social Ink StudioComments are welcome at:Email: socialinkstudio@gmail.comYou can also watch the video on Youtube. Collapse
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