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  • Summary: The OFFICIAL and MOST RELIABLE SOURCE for video game strategy apps!
    Welcome to LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars app strategy guide series. This video enhanced strategy app reveals every secret regarding the Republic’s hub level, the mighty battleship Resolute. Watch and learn how to
    obtain each of the 12 red power bricks hidden around the Resolute.
    This app contains:
    • Developer approved strategy
    • Walkthrough text
    • Screenshots
    • Maps
    • Professionally edited video
    • Voiceover throughout the video

    Included Maps:
    • Area 1: Bridge
    • Area 2: Reactor Chamber
    • Area 3: Brig
    • Area 4: Superkit Bay
    • Area 5: Turbo Laser Bay
    • Area 6: Medical Bay
    • Area 7: Minikit Bay
    • Area 8: Hanger Overlook
    • Area 9: Hanger
    • Area 10: Ground Assault Staging Area

    This app will help you master each area of the ship and discover how to unlock special Republic game modes. Our video walkthrough does a great job of showing how to find the secrets of the Battleship Resolute. The voiceover in the video explains how locate every red power brick in the hub and how to unlock Republic game modes.
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    For more strategy, hints, and tips visit our other OFFICIAL downloadable eGuide at-
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