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  • Summary: Help the Lemurs grow their plants in this chemistry-based action puzzle game! Slide and collide molecules, start chemical reactions creating water and feed the flowers. Discover spectacular hidden chain reactions – there are many - to earn multipliers, but watch out for those radicals!Be sure to watch the trailer at http://le.mu.rs/chemistry.Lemurs Chemistry is a new concept in learning through playing that emphasizes fun, exciting gameplay, but replaces arbitrary game rules with natural systems. Figuring out the game teaches the scientific skills of forming theories and experimenting, and the knowledge gained is real—based on cutting edge scientific research on the combustion of hydrogen.By replacing dry classroom models with interactive molecules and emotionally expressive characters, the story of chemistry becomes accessible to people of all ages. You've never had as much fun learning a bit of science as you will playing Lemurs Chemistry!Made to be delicious and nutritious, the app is 100% safe for you and your family, with no ads, no in-app purchases, and no servers outside of the ones used for platform-provided features such as Game Center.Features:• Easy control, appropriate for everyone• Single- or multi-tap, addictive gameplay• Fun with friends!• Three arcade modes: Wet / Dry / Zen• Immersive environment with delicious graphics and rich sound• Leaderboards and sharable scores via Game Center• No in-app purchases of any kind• iPad onlyLemurs Chemistry: Water is brought to you by New Lemurs.http://Le.mu.rs Expand
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