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  • Summary: Throw out your bags of letters and those sloth-paced word games! Letter Rush puts an arcade-spin on the classic word find genre. Match oncoming words quickly to score big points, finish goals, and compete with your friends!***There is an issue with "Invite Friends" for Multiplayer on the iPhone, please use "Play Now" until the update is approved!***? Engaging single-player gameplay! Drawn into a world of words and a land of letters, it’s your job to swipe the oncoming word waves away before they bear down on you and destroy your precious walls.? Leaderboards – Rush to the top of the leaderboards every week! Prove your worth in full view of all of your Game Center and Facebook friends and let them know who’s really #1 (at least until the leaderboards reset and they come after you)!? Powerups – Unlike real life, in Letter Rush, you can augment your abilities with six different powerups to unleash your true might and put those words in their place.? Goals – Make your way through 20 levels and more than 50 goals to unlock powerups, multipliers, gems, and more! Don’t let these goals go unfinished; crush them with your word-finding prowess!? Co-operative Multiplayer – When one set of fingers just isn’t enough, team up with a friend to rule the leaderboards together in all your 20-fingered glory!? Head-to-head Multiplayer – Settle disputes the wordy way and go head-to-head versus a friend in a battle to the (word) death! There’s no powerups and no pausing, just you, your friend, and whole bunch of letters and words.? Warning: Letter Rush may cause you to miss your bus stop or take extended “breaks” at work. We can’t be held responsible for these or other word-related mishaps, but we do understand why they’d happen from time to time. Expand
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  1. Mar 6, 2013
    While it isn’t perfect, Letter Rush is a fun and fast-paced word game that provides exhilarating spelling gameplay for word-lovers of all ages, no matter the extent of your vocabulary. Despite a few bumps in the multiplayer and longevity departments, a sharp design and cool gameplay mechanics will change your outlook on words, and have even the smartest of English majors scrambling to spell them!