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  • Summary: ?????Play an awesome GAME to learn key vocabulary for ANY SUBJECT you want to master!! Try out the free online version at www.lexwordgameapp.comImport flashcard lists from the excellent Quizlet flashcard website (www.quizlet.com) and use them in the Lex game. Quizlet has literally millions of flashcard decks on just about any subject you could think of, and you can easily make your own custom sets. A cross between Boggle, a crossword and mah jong, the Lex game shows you hints to form the target words in the hexagon letter grid. Clear all the tiles from the board by finding all the words. Game functions include:- Collecting points to beat your high score, and to accumulate ‘coins’ to unlock different play modes and gorgeous colored game backgrounds. - Several different play modes to keep you challenged (Train, Lives, Timed, and Lives+Timed), requiring you to concentrate on becoming quicker and more accurate in recalling the words in order to clear the stage. With each stage more target words and bonus tiles are added.- Importantly, the app also tracks your progress with the items on each flashcard list with a simple colored-star rating system. After each stage played you are able to review of all the previous stage’s words, allowing you to learn from your mistakes. Any words for which you made mistakes or asked for hints will appear more frequently in the game until you know them.- works with any alphabet (e.g. Chinese/Korean/Arabic etc) so fantastic for reading practice of foreign scripts!). Expand
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